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Sometimes it is obvious when a lawyer may be needed, such as when you have been arrested or receive court documents through the mail. Other times it is less obvious and a consultation may be useful to analyze your personal situation. At the Law Offices of Sander Budanitsky, we offer free initial consultations to help you determine whether legal representation is necessary.

Below are a few questions we find are asked during initial consultations that you may find useful. However, these answers are not fact specific and are not intended to create an attorney client privilege. In order to have more specific information regarding your situation, please call our offices at 908-241-3445.


When a person feels as though they are facing questions regarding their own personal finances or personal freedom, they should seek legal advice to determine what legal rights may be at stake. Contacting an experienced lawyer for important undertakings such as tax and estate planning, drafting wills and trusts, negotiating business deals and family relations can result in a greater sense of confidence.
Depending on the situation, contacting an attorney should be an immediate action. These situations include being placed under arrest or facing immediate court actions. Other situations are less obvious. Speaking to an experienced attorney can result in being advised of limitations on the timing of lawsuits, known as “statutes of limitations.” Additionally, if you are involved in a vehicle accident it may be necessary to notify other parties involved soon after the event.
Many times the purpose is obvious such as if you were charged with a crime or receive a notice of your being sued in court. The purpose in these situations would be to defend yourself against the possibility of losing money or facing criminal penalties. In other situations, your purpose may be less clear. These situations could include; – If you feel your employer unlawfully fired you, you might want to get your job back. – If you suffered an injury from a defective product, you might wish to recover money damages. – If another person or business is conducting an activity where may want to seek an injunction against someone. This is a court order placing a temporary stoppage on the activity.
Personal injuries can be physical, mental or a combination of both. These injuries typically are in one of the following categories: car accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, animal bites, product defects, medical negligence, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death and more.
If an action is started based upon your situation, you can expect to be the Plaintiff in the action and the person or business who has allegedly caused your injury becomes the Defendant. Once you retain an attorney to handle your matter, they will deal directly with the other party and keep you informed of all steps along the process of a potential recovery.
Contact an attorney immediately. Remember you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. These rights attach at critical stages throughout investigation, detention and formal arrests. An attorney will be more familiar with the criminal process and procedure; therefore it is important to have an attorney there to defend your interests.
YES…although the paperwork for immigration not appears to be overly difficult to prepare, they contain many clauses which can affect your immigration status. The statuses affected include the ability to travel, work and receive an education.